Friday, 28 September 2012

Out & About - LT Acton Open Weekend

The Autumn open weekend at London Transport’s Acton Depot takes place on the 6th / 7th October at the Museum, close to Acton Town tube station. We will be displaying our model range at this event and look forward to meeting all of our collectors that attend the event. The Museum has commissioned a model special model from us, that will be on sale at the museum shop, which features a Greenline RT bus on route 362 to Amersham Garage.

Friday, 21 September 2012

New Releases - New Castings & Tooling

The past few months have seen the release of our new Bristol VRT in both series 1 and series 2 versions. Fleet liveries now released are 38101 Eastern Scottish, 38102 Ribble, 38103 Eastern National & 38104 Southern Vectis.

38101 - VRT - Midland
38102 - Bristol VRT - Ribble

38103 - Bristol VRT - Eastern National

38104 - Bristol VRT - Southern Vectis

Liveries that are about to be released are 38105 United, 38106 Southdown and 38107 Devon General. These early Bristol VRT’s with their distinctive flat fronts entered service in an array of colourful liveries prior to the plain red or green colours of the National Bus Company were introduced.
38105 - Bristol VRT - United
38106 - Bristol VRT - Southdown
38107 - Bristol VRT - Devon General

Our revised tooling for the Bus version of the Alexander Y type and the Bristol version of the Y type coach are now also being released. The first liveries of the bus body feature 38701 Midland Scottish, 38301 Western S.M.T and 38201 Central S.M.T. and a dual purpose coach bodied Bristol RELH Y type in North Western livery.

38701 - Y Type - Midland Scottish
38301 - Y Type - Western Scottish

38201 - Y Type - Central Scottish

About to be released are our new Bristol RE LH models fitted with Alexander Y type coach bodies 38001 Eastern Scottish and 38002 in Western S.M.T black and white coach livery used on long distance services.

38001 - Bristol RE - Eastern Scottish

38002 - Bristol RE - Eastern Scottish