Thursday, 19 December 2013

Upcoming Releases - December 2013

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to show you the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for December 2013.

12310 - Harrington Grenadier - BIRCH BROS.
Registration number ALD 27B, fleet number K 27. Route blind reads that it’s on a Private excursion.
Scheduled For March release

24107 - Bedford TK Dropside - CROSVILLE N.B.C.
Registration number VLG 53R, fleet number 53A.
Scheduled For March release

 34110 - AEC RT 3 Bus - LONDON COUNTRY
Registration number NLE 859, fleet number RT 3752. Operates route 306 to Leavesden, Ganders Ash.
Scheduled For February Release

38402 - Alexander Bristol RE Coach - MANCHESTER P.T.E.
Registration number NJA 335H, fleet number 335 TE. Works route 391 to Padfield.
Scheduled For March release

 38801 - AEC MkIII 3 Axle Dropside - B.R.S. DERBYSHIRE GROUP
Registration number ORA 839, fleet number 66 E 233.
Scheduled For March release

38901 - RCL Routemaster Coach - LONDON TRANSPORT
Registration number CUV 256C, fleet number RCL 2256. Operating route 149 to Victoria.
Scheduled For March release       

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Press Statement from Gilbow Holdings Ltd.

Press Statement from Gilbow Holdings Ltd.
Exclusive First Editions are aware that another company is using images of our models on the internet and in advertising literature to promote models that they are intending to produce. This is being done without our knowledge and without our consent and we are taking legal advice regarding this matter.